Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sweat out of context...

It's COLD outside, and I have to go out! It's 32 degrees outside and I peek out the window to see folks are bundled up, covering their faces from the wind and cold. 

I hate to ever admit that I'm cold these days, but I need a hot flash right now as I gear up to go outside. I went to get a hot cup of coffee which usually brings it on, and I sip as I grab my boots... but I'm too chilly... its not working. I slide into my coat. UGH! Every winter I say these same words... "I need to get the remote car starter". And I talk myself out of it every year not wanting to spend the money on my old 2003 VW. 

I'm layered up, ready to brave the cold, coffee in hand and here goes...... WHEW! IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!!

The car is freezing! I have to sit and let it warm up and I shiver... knowing not to turn the heat on yet because it will blow cold air. 

Sip the coffee... sip the coffee.... finally I drive off and no sooner than I get to the main street a minute away, here it comes.....

The heat starts on my back this time like someone has taken a blow dryer, aimed it at my back and set it on high. I take off my hat, because I feel the heat climb up between my shoulder blades, up the back of my neck, to the top of my head. 

I feel the steam moisten my forehead... UGH! 

Coat off, turn the heat to cold, blow the fan as I sit at the stop light...

...and then notice someone in a car in the lane next to me, looking at me. His face was in total bewilderment. 


Wow! He burned rubber taking off. I wonder what he thinks  he saw LOL! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

When I concentrate...

I need my fan!

I need a fan on my desk, next to my recliner, in my closet, in the bathroom, around my neck, in my purse... 

I also need a heater near by because it's winter and its cold outside.

Here's the crazy....

I keep the heat down to 70 degrees during the day which is basically comfortable. Morning coffee in my office brings on hot flash #1. I turn on my desk fan... 30 seconds and I'm cold. I turn off the fan, get up and turn the heater on.

These little heaters work! OK I'm nice and toasty now. 5 minutes later, OMG it's hot. I turn on my desk fan, stop what I'm doing, get up and turn the heater off. UGH!

Back to work..... 2 minutes.... I've cooled off and turn the fan off. Concentrating with patience, I continue to create and craft with intricate and meticulous actions.  

Ooooo I'm chilly! I get up and turn my little heater on, and sip my coffee. Back to work!

PATIENCE.... CONCENTRATING.... and here it comes.... I feel the heat welling up and out from inside me, roiling to the surface, like steam rising to the top of my head.

 I don't bother to turn the heater off this time... I just turn the fan on. It's only going to last for a couple minutes... my internal heat. My husband has caught me on occasion with the heater and fan going at the same time LOL! He used to ask me what the heck I'm doing, but now he just looks, shakes his head and walks away.

Yep. He finally understands, that he will never understand.

Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm a Flasher!

I woke up this morning, thanking our most gracious and merciful God for another day. Rolling over to reach for my little fan that points directly at me, I turned it off and continued to set my appreciative intentions for the day,  thanking God for new opportunities, challenges, accomplishments and successes I expect. 

The smile that gratitude puts on my face every waking morning soon turned into..... "UGH! I'M HOT", as I reached over and turned the fan back on and snatched my 'covers' off. 

Not even one minute went by, and "OMG I'm cold", grabbed all the 'covers' and threw them back over me, and turned the fan off again. Yep.... it's time to get up.

I must force myself to quickly, jump up and grab my robe... oh I'm so cold! Can I do it? Yes, I tell myself... OK here goes...

"Arrrrrgh!!!! COLD COLD COLD!"

Whew! I love this nice, warm, fleece robe.... which now has made me too hot. OK, just unzip it, with a little fan air for a few seconds.... Ahhhhh! 

Now I can make up the bed and get on with the day. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Flash on-demand

Oh how I wish I could bring a hot flash on when I want it.... 

  • Going outside when it's cold and I'm already cold
  • Getting into a cold, freezing car and waiting for it to warm up
  • Walking into the freezer section at the grocery store when I'm already cold
  • Immediately after breaking a hot flash sweat, freezing in church and too embarrassed to put a sweater on... because I know I'll be sweating again in 5 minutes

OK so the last point requires a gauge... I need 'on-demand hot flash with a temperature gauge'. Yes! That would be perfect. 

I have figured out a couple of ways to bring the hot flash on, but it would be really weird to suddenly break out some make-up and apply it while in public... but that usually brings on a sweat. I have a fan in my bathroom  to blow in my face as I darken my almost non-existent eyebrows and apply a little lip color. 

                       Hot Flash On-Demand

And then there's the 'after shower getting dressed sweat'. Oh I really hate that one. Even in the winter, I have to get dressed in front of a fan.

The fan is my friend!