Monday, October 31, 2022

Come Up For Air! A Reading and Discussion of Short Stories!

We're taking a deep dive into relationships starting with a reading of Struck By Lightning. Let's discuss stronger together solutions, encouragement of strong connections, long term goals, meeting people who are where we want to be in life, and more.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sweat out of context...

It's COLD outside, and I have to go out! It's 32 degrees outside and I peek out the window to see folks are bundled up, covering their faces from the wind and cold. 

I hate to ever admit that I'm cold these days, but I need a hot flash right now as I gear up to go outside. I went to get a hot cup of coffee which usually brings it on, and I sip as I grab my boots... but I'm too chilly... its not working. I slide into my coat. UGH! Every winter I say these same words... "I need to get the remote car starter". And I talk myself out of it every year not wanting to spend the money on my old 2003 VW. 

I'm layered up, ready to brave the cold, coffee in hand and here goes...... WHEW! IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!!

The car is freezing! I have to sit and let it warm up and I shiver... knowing not to turn the heat on yet because it will blow cold air. 

Sip the coffee... sip the coffee.... finally I drive off and no sooner than I get to the main street a minute away, here it comes.....

The heat starts on my back this time like someone has taken a blow dryer, aimed it at my back and set it on high. I take off my hat, because I feel the heat climb up between my shoulder blades, up the back of my neck, to the top of my head. 

I feel the steam moisten my forehead... UGH! 

Coat off, turn the heat to cold, blow the fan as I sit at the stop light...

...and then notice someone in a car in the lane next to me, looking at me. His face was in total bewilderment. 


Wow! He burned rubber taking off. I wonder what he thinks  he saw LOL!