Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bible study flash!

First of all, it's 60 degrees on December 2, 2015 here in south Jersey. Our flowers are confused.

Now... in my my 'age' of personal summers, I welcome the coolness of fall. I dread freezing, snowy, icy winters but we've not had that yet.

I feel as confused as the flowers with the challenge of trying to figure out what to wear outside, and be able to peel off layers once inside. Will the sanctuary be hot tonight? Wellllllll the way I jump around during praise and worship with song, I already know I'm gonna break a sweat!

But I'm cold right now! I'm cold getting dressed. Ugh!!!! OK so layer up and walk out the door with  a hot cup of coffee.

Now I'm here, and as predicted, heat drenched down from the top of my head... where's my fan?


What would I do without it?

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