Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Plane Flash!

First flight out is usually on time. Boarding went smoothly and we had room for our carry-on bags overhead. 

Sitting in economy... no chance of getting comfortable. One good thing... AIR! The personal fan over my head has made everything alright for the moment. I gaze longingly at the priority seats, adorned with red strip across the top so everyone can see from economy what $40 extra bucks can get you... 6 whole extra inches of space! 

Depending on how long the flight is, it could be worth it. Ah... But our first flight was only a little over an hour, and the second leg, was only 1 hour, 40 min. So we sit like clams, barely able to put the tray table down... Must resist looking at the time. 

There's my husband's knees, pressed up against the seat in front of him. The seats barely recline so no problem there. 

Oh and the fan! That makes it bearable because it wasn't long before the heat drenched over me as if a furnace blower was in the seat in front of me. Ohhhhh the fan! I reached up and turned on mine, and my husband's fan and pointed his at me too. 

Whew! The air saved me from becoming a sweaty mess before take-off. Shhhhh! Don't say it too loud. They might try to find a way to charge for that too!

Safe travels everyone! :)

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