Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Flash on-demand

Oh how I wish I could bring a hot flash on when I want it.... 

  • Going outside when it's cold and I'm already cold
  • Getting into a cold, freezing car and waiting for it to warm up
  • Walking into the freezer section at the grocery store when I'm already cold
  • Immediately after breaking a hot flash sweat, freezing in church and too embarrassed to put a sweater on... because I know I'll be sweating again in 5 minutes

OK so the last point requires a gauge... I need 'on-demand hot flash with a temperature gauge'. Yes! That would be perfect. 

I have figured out a couple of ways to bring the hot flash on, but it would be really weird to suddenly break out some make-up and apply it while in public... but that usually brings on a sweat. I have a fan in my bathroom  to blow in my face as I darken my almost non-existent eyebrows and apply a little lip color. 

                       Hot Flash On-Demand

And then there's the 'after shower getting dressed sweat'. Oh I really hate that one. Even in the winter, I have to get dressed in front of a fan.

The fan is my friend! 

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