Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm a Flasher!

I woke up this morning, thanking our most gracious and merciful God for another day. Rolling over to reach for my little fan that points directly at me, I turned it off and continued to set my appreciative intentions for the day,  thanking God for new opportunities, challenges, accomplishments and successes I expect. 

The smile that gratitude puts on my face every waking morning soon turned into..... "UGH! I'M HOT", as I reached over and turned the fan back on and snatched my 'covers' off. 

Not even one minute went by, and "OMG I'm cold", grabbed all the 'covers' and threw them back over me, and turned the fan off again. Yep.... it's time to get up.

I must force myself to quickly, jump up and grab my robe... oh I'm so cold! Can I do it? Yes, I tell myself... OK here goes...

"Arrrrrgh!!!! COLD COLD COLD!"

Whew! I love this nice, warm, fleece robe.... which now has made me too hot. OK, just unzip it, with a little fan air for a few seconds.... Ahhhhh! 

Now I can make up the bed and get on with the day. 

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